Last September, while reading the Exponent, I came across the post, "Singing of Her." That post, and the subsequent alteration of "My Heavenly Father Loves Me" touched me so greatly that I started noticing other places where I could think of my Heavenly Mother. When singing my daughter to sleep, I would think of ways to incorporate Heavenly Mother as well as Heavenly Father in the songs. As this idea grew, I wanted a place to compile my "new" songs.

I also considered Nephi's suggestion to "liken the scriptures." One very popular suggestion is to put yourself in the verses- but what if we "liken" our scriptures to our knowledge of Heavenly Parents? So I tried that as well.

This blog is that compilation. I am not trying to change the LDS canonized scripture, only to prompt new insights. This blog is meant to be uplifting and supportive. I hope it fills that purpose.

I post every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Sunday is always a hymn or song. I will try on Mondays to use a scripture from the Gospel Doctrine lessons. Wednesday will also be a scripture. Many Fridays will have essays or guest posts. At the end of each month, I put together a Month in Review, which I recommend as a good place to start.