Sunday, May 13, 2012

O My Mother

I normally change hymns to be more inclusive: "Father" to "Parents," for example, but just for Mother's Day, I thought it would be interesting to turn the tables on "O My Father." In this rendition,"Father" is "Mother" and vice versa.

O my Mother, thou that dwellest
In the high and glorious place,
When shall I regain thy presence
And again behold thy face?
In thy holy habitation,
Did my spirit once reside?
In my first primeval childhood
Was I nurtured near thy side?

For a wise and glorious purpose
Thou hast placed me here on earth
And withheld the recollection
Of my former friends and birth;
Yet ofttimes a secret something
Whispered, “You’re a stranger here,”
And I felt that I had wandered
From a more exalted sphere.

I had learned to call thee Mother,
Thru thy Spirit from on high,
But, until the key of knowledge
Was restored, I knew not why.
In the heav’ns are parents single?
No, the thought makes reason stare!
Truth is reason; truth eternal
Tells me I’ve a father there.

When I leave this frail existence,
When I lay this mortal by,
Mother, Father, may I meet you
In your royal courts on high?
Then, at length, when I’ve completed
All you sent me forth to do,
With your mutual approbation
Let me come and dwell with you.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April in Review

Happy May!

Heavenly Mother and Father gave us Christ, take care of us, hold children dear, accept our temples, give us everything, are our Shepherds, give us commandments, and we are indebted to Them.

This month in the bloggernacle, G at Figuring It Out shares her artwork, including the pieces used in the the new March 2012 Sunstone on Motherhood. There are many articles there about Heavenly Mother.

5inthebed blogged on Easter, how the mention of Heavenly Mother in the hymn O My Father comforted her.

Daughters of Mormonism published an episode, Re-visioning the Garment Symbols, in which the panelists talk about how the garment symbols can point to Heavenly Mother.

Zelophehad's Daughters was a powerhouse this month, starting with the bold, Mormonism has the most Sexist Cosmology of Any Religion, which laments the lack of knowledge about Heavenly Mother (among other things). Then Lynette, in her series of her feminist journey, mentions in parts 3 and 4 her run-ins with Heavenly Mother theology (or lack of).

We are coming up on May and with the American Mother's Day holiday, I predict we will see some more posts this month mentioning Heavenly Mother.