Friday, November 30, 2012

November in Review

I know I didn't do any posts this month. I have some hymns and scriptures in mind for next month, though.

We'll still look at Heavenly Mother in the Bloggernacle this month:

At Patheos, there was a post called, "The Heavenly Mommy Wars," with the line, "At stake in the issue of Heavenly Mother is nothing less than what it means to be a woman." That article really gets at the some of the dilemma Mormonism faces with being silent about Heavenly Mother.

Rachael Rose guest posted at The Exponent about Heavenly Mother and the Paradoxical Embodiment.

The Huffington Post ran Catholics and Mormons: A New Sisterhood in the Struggle for Women's Ordination, which compares and contrasts some of the feminist topics in Catholicism and Mormonism, including the Divine Feminine and Heavenly Mother.

Also, this past month, the BYU Women's Studies Honor Society held a discussion on Heavenly Mother. Anyone there want to share their notes?

Have you seen any other posts this month?

This month has been a reflective month for me. I haven't been posting, but my mind has been on this blog. Next month is the second anniversary of this blog, which means this month is the second anniversary of the idea of this blog. Two years ago, I was really struggling with exactly what that quote from Patheos above gets at. I looked around and saw no reference to any resurrected being being female. Angels mentioned in the Book of Mormon or in Church History were all male. And in current Church organization, women's groups like YW and Relief Society are "auxiliaries," appendages. And while it's nice to have appendages like arms, you don't need one to live. And that's how I was feeling in my relationship with the world. It's nice that I'm around, but not really necessary. There were a few dark days where my existence was really put into question.

Ultimately I decided that I needed to insist on the importance of Heavenly Mother because I needed to insist on the importance of myself and all the other girls and women in this world. And so this blog began. I hit some resistance from commenters and emails early on, and the number of views and followers of this blog are small, but I do really like this little blog and I'll keep on with it. The holidays are upon us and I'm currently "great with child," so I'm continuing without a lot of momentum at the moment. Thanks for staying along for the ride.

Friday, November 2, 2012

September and October in Review

Sorry I've fallen off the planet. Two months this time!

Our Heavenly Parents lead and guide us, hear us, deserve our praise, bless us, and we believe and "yield our hearts" to Them.

It's been a couple of months, so there are lots of Internet links with the mention of Heavenly Mother this time.

Because I didn't link to it last time, Sarah Familia at Times and Seasons posted her, Finding My Heavenly Mother, Part 2 as well as Finding My Heavenly Mother, Part 3.

Rachel at the Exponent includes Heavenly Mother in her testimony.

crazywomancreek at Feminist Mormon Housewives gets political in her observations on how Mitt Romney talks about Ann in the way Mormons refer to Heavenly Mother.

Suzette at the Exponent asks us how Heavenly Mother is mentioned in Primary.

Ask Mormon Girl responds to a question about gender issues, including Heavenly Mother.

In a guest post at fMh, Blossom mentions Heavenly Mother in her faith transition.

In a guest post at the Exponent, Jen mentions feeling Heavenly Mother's presence.

At Zelophehad's Daughters, Apame mentions Heavenly Mother being important to her own identity.

In another guest post at the Exponent, Barbara connects images of Eve to how we think of Heavenly Mother.

There is a new poem on that is called "Heavenly Mother of Mine."

Not a Mormon source, but a Christian blog I run into a lot in my google searches for "Heavenly Mother" lists places the blogger feels Heavenly Mother is mentioned in the Bible.

Brad Kramer is interviewed on the fMh podcast and his article on Heavenly Mother was mentioned and linked to.

On Mormon Diaries, Grae writes about Heavenly Mother and how not talking about Her didn't make sense.

ETA: I just found this post at Gently Hew Stone called On Exaltation, Unity, and Heavenly Mother.

So onto November! My husband and I are currently taking our ward's marriage class, which takes up both hours of Sunday School and RS/EQ, so I feel very separated from what everyone else is doing in those classes, so please excuse me if I'm not on top of this this month. It's easier to remember to post when I hear a good scripture in Sunday School to use, but alas, that won't happen this month.