Sunday, September 9, 2012

Come Away to the Sunday School

In this one, I changed "God" to "They." I usually don't do that without making sure there's a reference to "Heavenly Parents" so we can know who "They" are, but many hymns only mention "He" and it's assumed we know who "He" is. So I'm going with the assumption route this week. I did add "Lady" to "Lord," though. I chose this one since it's fall and school is starting up again.

1. When the rosy light of morning
Softly beams above the hill,
And the birds, sweet heav’nly songsters,
Ev’ry dell with music fill,
Fresh from slumber we awaken;
Sunshine chases clouds away.
Nature breathes her sweetest fragrance
On the holy Sabbath day.

2. For a good and glorious purpose
Thus we meet each Sabbath day,
Each one striving for salvation
Thru Lord, Lady's appointed way.
Earnest toil will be rewarded;
Zealous hearts need not repine.
They will not withhold his blessings
From the eager, seeking mind.

3. Let us then press boldly onward,
Prove ourselves as soldiers true.
They will lead us; they will guide us.
Come, there’s work for all to do,
Never tiring, never doubting,
Boldly struggling to the end.
In the world, tho foes assail us,
They will surely be our friends.

Then away, haste away!
Come away to the Sunday School!
Then away, do not delay!
Come away to the Sunday School!

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