Tuesday, September 4, 2012

August in Review

We were out of town last weekend, so August in Review wasn't posted on time. Sorry!

Heavenly Mother and Father receive our praises, both birth and give us re-birth, will come, and protect us.

In the Bloggernacle this month:

Mraynes at the Exponent wrote "It Matters" about the visibility of women in scripture and how it affects her daughter, who gave a wonderful talk that used the inclusive "Heavenly Parents" for Primary.

At Times and Seasons, Sarah Familia wrote, "Finding my Heavenly Mother, Part 1." I'm guessing Parts 2 (+?) will be forthcoming.

Rune at Feminist Mormon Housewives gave inclusive-treatment to A Child's Prayer.

It was a slow month, let's hope it picks back up again this fall!

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Sarah Familia said...

I'm just tickled that I made it on your blog this month. If you'd like a sneak preview for the next several parts of "Finding My Heavenly Mother," I am re-working posts I've made about Her on my personal blog. You can find part 2 here: http://casteluzzo.com/2012/05/17/a-mother-there-finding-the-divine-feminine-part-2/