In general, it is often as simple as changing "Father" to "Parents" or adding "Mother."

God vs. Gods
I don't use a Greek or Hebrew translation of the Bible to differentiate between references to God and Gods. I stick with the general turning "He" to "They." My goal is not to make a historically accurate or doctrinal translation of the Bible. I'm just trying to encourage us to include Heavenly Mother in our thoughts and broaden our understanding of our Heavenly Parents.

If a passage refers to Christ, I will not alter the referring pronouns, but in some instances "Lord" is more ambiguous, as in the second verse of the hymn "We Love Thy House, O God." In cases like that, I may change it.

When I put up alternate text for songs, I try to stick with the meter, or if the song allows, include extra syllables if there is a pitch change during the syllable. For example, "God" might be changed to "Parents" if there is a change in pitch. I will explain changes and reasons on the posts.