Monday, January 30, 2012

January in Review

Heavenly Mother and Father are good and merciful, give us truth, care for us, gave us a redeemer, hear our cries, teach us their mysteries, give us holy places, call to us, nourish us, and give us light.

Heavenly Mother on the Internet this month:
Joshua Behn included Heavenly Mother in his New Year's address to the Affirmation blog community.
Mormon Mommy Blogs created a thread for people to ask President Beck questions to address and many many people asked about Heavenly Mother.
Beginnings New suggested mentioning both Heavenly Parents when teaching about Divine Potential.
Jared Anderson discussed his concerns about the lack of Heavenly Mother talk on his children and wrote about how he has included her in their Family Home Evening and other worship opportunities in his Manuary post at fMh.

Happy January!

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