Monday, July 2, 2012

May and June in Review

So for the past couple of months I've been a little missing in action. Lots of things going on at home, but also things are looking up. I was recently released from nursery, so I actually will get a chance to follow the Sunday School and Relief Society lessons. Being in nursery meant that I didn't know where everyone was in the manual and if I wanted to use scriptures from the recent or upcoming lessons, I didn't know where to turn! But now I will!

Our Heavenly Parents nurture us, gave us Christ, and love us.

Heavenly Mother on the Internet

Kelly Ann at the Exponent used the example of wanting more revelation about Heavenly Mother in her post called Pipe Dreams.

5inthebed wrote that the mention of Heavenly Mother in O My Father was calming for her.

Heather wrote about worshipping Heavenly Mother this past Mother's Day.

Mother's Day also brought up some thoughts about Heavenly Mother on SK{ru}SH.

Feminist Mormon Housewives had a fun post of questions to ask children to find out their responses, which included a question about Heavenly Mother.

KRCL did an interview with the editors of the recent Motherhood issue of Sunstone called Heavenly Mother's Day.

Descent lets the pagan-leaning Heavenly Mother-inquiring Mormons know where to go for discussion.

Also, Ask Mormon Girl directly tackled the subject of Heavenly Mother this month.

I know I've missed some. If you know of links from the past few months about Heavenly Mother, leave them in the comments! Happy July!

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