Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Alma 33:16

In Relief Society this past week, our counselor gave a lesson on keeping the Christmas Spirit with us throughout the year and used President Uchtdorf's talk from the Christmas Devotional. This scripture is one that is referenced in his talk, and is about being grateful for the gifts we receive. I added the Lady.

16 For behold, he said: Thou art angry, O Lord and Lady, with this people, because they will not understand thy mercies which thou hast bestowed upon them because of thy Son.

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Sarah Familia said...

This highlights an issue I've been having in my personal prayers lately. The pronoun "thou" is singular, so it doesn't really work grammatically to just add in Lady without changing the pronoun.

In my prayers I usually get around this by just speaking in the imperative (i.e. Please bless me rather than I ask the to please bless me) or saying "I am thankful for . . ." rather than "I thank thee for . . ."

I haven't come up with another way to change it, other than using the singular/plural "you" that is regularly preached against in General Conference, etc. for not being "reverent" and "respectful" enough.

Any ideas?