Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Re-cap

For the past few years with this blog, I've noticed a resurgence of Heavenly Mother in Mormon blogs during the Mother's Day season. On the Mormon Facebook groups, I saw many reports of Heavenly Mother being mentioned in talks and lessons for Mother's Day.

First, probably the most passed-around Heavenly Mother article was Peggy Fletcher Stack's Tribune article, "A Mormon mystery returns: Who is Heavenly Mother?" Great quotes in the article. Read it!

Real Intent has a post, "Truth Eternal Tells Me I've a Mother There."

As for myself, yesterday in church, I decided to change the hymn lyrics, not just from "Father" to "Parents" but to "Mother" just for the day. Our opening and closing songs were Sabbath Day and Lord, We Ask Thee Ere We Part, which I've already re-written here, but I wanted to share Sabbath Day with "Mother" here.

In sweet remembrance of thy Son,
We gather in thy house as one
To join in prayer, to sing thy praise,
To worship thee and learn thy ways.
Mother, on this the Sabbath day,
Be with us gathered here, we pray.

And may our thoughts still turn to thee,
With loved ones, friends, and family.
In all we do till day is gone,
May worship still continue on.
Mother, on this the Sabbath day,
Be with us in our homes, we pray.

Help each to seek a quiet hour
To read thy word and feel thy pow’r,
To hear thy voice, though small and still,
Renew our strength to do thy will.
Mother, on this the Sabbath day,
Be with us in our hearts, we pray.

Happy Mother's Day!

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