Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March in Review

Heavenly Mother and Father are the parents of "heaven and earth", are one with Christ, are the parents of Christ, created the night and day, are merciful and are glorified by us, sought by us, and love and bless us. We wish to obey them, and they visit us with miracles and fill us with love.

I didn't do any essays this month; I'll rededicate myself to that next month.

On the Internet this month, Mraynes at the Exponent wrote a piece about the subconscious messages about gender and godliness in Primary and at the end wrote, "And today she will learn that she has a body just like her Heavenly Mother’s." I loved this piece because I actually taught that lesson to my Sunbeams this year. We all have bodies like our Heavenly Father and Mother.

The Internet was also abuzz about the idea of references to Asherah in the Bible. Asherah is considered the wife of God in the Bible. This has been on the "list of things to write about" for this blog, so if anyone would like to contribute their own studies of Asherah, please do!

If there is anything else you've seen this month relating to our Heavenly Mother, please share in the comments!

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