Sunday, September 18, 2011

Voices of Gods Again Are Heard

I did a few edits to The Voice of God Again is Heard.
First, the two syllable beginning "The voice..." is "Voices." This messes up the emphasis in the word "voice" but you could work around that with "The Words of Gods..." That actually might be a better edit, now that I think of it. I also made God plural because I wasn't sure how to be inclusive while being true to the structure of the hymn. I did
I changed "To greet the King of glory" to "For Queen and King of glory" as well as "The Lord from heav'n has spoken" to "All those from heav'n have spoken." I considered doing "Both those..." but went with "all" so that Christ was also included as this is a restoration hymn.

Voices of Gods again are heard.
The silence has been broken.
The curse of darkness is withdrawn.
The Lord from heav’n has spoken.
Rejoice, ye living and ye dead!
Rejoice, for your salvation
Begins anew this happy morn
Of final dispensation.

O messengers of truth, go forth,
Proclaim the gospel story,
Go forth the nations to prepare
For Queen the King of glory.
We shout hosanna, shout again,
Till all creation blending
Shall join in one great, grand amen
Of anthems never ending.

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