Sunday, September 4, 2011

Parents, Cheer our Souls Tonight

This was our closing song today. It's not a commonly-sung one, but I think it is a very sweet prayer. All I needed to do was change "Father" to "Parents."

Parents, cheer our souls tonight;
Lift our burdens, make them light.
Let thine all-pervading love
Shine upon us from above.

Calm the surges of the soul;
Bid the dark waves backward roll.
Let us all thy mercies feel
Thru the pow’r thou dost reveal.

Bless our loved ones far away;
Grant them health and peace, we pray.
In their hearts let holy light
Beam to guide their steps aright.

Let implicit faith and trust
Help us know thy ways are just.
May thine ever-tender love
Lead our hearts to thee above.

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