Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August in Review

Where was I when August flew by? Our Heavenly Parents love us, are our Gods, gave us our bodies, give us the spirit of prophecy, comfort us, deserve our reverence, are full of glory, and reveal themselves to us.

This month, I also shared a coloring page that I made up for my nursery class titled, "I Have a Body Like Heavenly Mother." The children enjoyed the coloring activity and I'm grateful for the opportunity to help all the children know their divine origins.

Elsewhere in the Bloggernacle...
By Common Consent hosted a quick poll titled, "Are You There, Heavenly Mother? It's Me, BCC."
Daughters of Mormonism published an episode interviewing Jena called, "Every Third Sunday- Fasting for the Goddess." Jena also posted her thoughts about the fast this month about discernment on her own blog.
And Heavenly Mother got a little mention in Apame's The Talk I Always Wanted to Give over at Zelophehad's Daughters.

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