Monday, October 31, 2011

October in Review

Heavenly Mother and Father love us, created all, forgive us, give us revelation, hear our prayers, heal us, and guide us.

This has been a big month for talk about Heavenly Mother.

Sarah wrote Half Doubting, Half Hoping at Feminist Mormon Housewives, which touches on how it's an uncomfortable place to be in to not know more about Heavenly Mother.
Like Unto Eve wrote a post titled, I Need my Mother. She also wrote My Facebook Coming Out: Seeking Revelation.
Daughters of Mormonism did a podcast entitled, "If Any of You Lack Sophia," in which Julene discusses the Divine Feminine.
Whoa man at the Exponent wrote a poignant piece called "Dear Mom."

Something is telling me I missed a really important one from earlier this month- have you seen any? Link in the comments!

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