Thursday, March 8, 2012

Know this that Every Soul is Free

It's International Women's Day and this hymn is running though my brain. I've made the language gender-inclusive, which means using "they" as singular and some funky rhythms in the rhymes (last line of first verse, for example).

Know this, that ev’ry soul is free
To choose their life and what they'll be;
For this eternal truth is giv’n:
Goddess, God'll force no one to heav’n.

They'll call, persuade, direct aright,
And bless with wisdom, love, and light,
In nameless ways be good and kind,
But never force the human mind.

Freedom and reason make us human;
Take these away, what are we then?
Mere animals, and just as well
The beasts may think of heav’n or hell.

May we no more our pow’rs abuse,
But ways of truth and goodness choose;
God, Goddess pleased when we improve
Their grace and seek their perfect love.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

Love it, I sincerely love it.

Suggestion though, I would say in the last line of the first verse,

"Goddess, God for none to heaven" would make a bit more sense, lyrically, and rythmicly, but that is just me.

I love it, really love it.