Sunday, March 25, 2012

O Thou Before the World Began

We sang this as our sacrament hymn today and I'm not sure it's one we sing regularly as it was pretty unfamiliar. I modified the language to be gender-inclusive, so the first two lines end differently to accommodate the rhyming of "all." I also changed "Father's" to "Parents'."

O thou, before the world's first fall,
Ordained a sacrifice for all,
And by th’eternal Spirit made
An off’ring in the sinner’s stead;
Our everlasting Priest art thou,
Pleading thy death for sinners now.

Thy off’ring still continues new
Before the righteous Parents' view.
Thyself the Lamb forever slain;
Thy priesthood doth unchanged remain.
Thy years, O God, can never fail,
Nor thy blest work within the veil.

Oh, that our faith may never move
But stand unshaken as thy love,
Sure evidence of things unseen;
Now let it pass the years between
And view thee bleeding on the tree:
My Lord, my God, who dies for me.

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