Sunday, January 9, 2011

God's Daily Care

This week, we've finally been able to have a couple of sunny days, so when I went looking for a hymn for this Sunday, I searched for "sun" and found God's Daily Care by Marie C. Turk. I've don't think I've ever sung it before, but it's very nice. It would make a great closing song- I always look for short hymns just in case a lesson or speaker goes over. This one was easy: Father to Parents and made "ear" plural.

God's Daily Care

As I watch the rising sun
When the day has just begun
I am thinking of the love
That comes daily from above.

Parents, turn thy ears to me;
Let me offer thanks to thee
For they wise and tender care
Of they children ev'rywhere.

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Anonymous said...

A little Lovely Song !! :)