Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sing We Now at Parting

Sing We Now at Parting was our closing hymn last week. It caught my eye because the first verse references Heavenly Father, but the last half of the second and third reference Christ. The shift is fairly seamless and I left the third verse intact.

Sing we now at parting
One more strain of praise.
To our Heav’nly Parents
Sweetest songs we’ll raise.
For their loving kindness,
For their tender care,
Let our songs of gladness
Fill this Sabbath air.

Praise them for his mercy;
Praise them for his love.
For unnumbered blessings
Praise the Lord above.
Let our happy voices
Still the notes prolong.
One alone is worthy
Of our sweetest song.

Jesus, our Redeemer,
Now our praises hear.
While we bow before thee,
Lend a list’ning ear.
Save us, Lord, from error.
Watch us day by day.
Help us now to serve thee
In a pleasing way.


funkyhan said...

I *had* to sing this to myself... it flows beautifully and I love it! Definitely something I'll be adding to my list of songs to sing in (early) labour and with my little ladies in general :D Thankyou Heather x

TopHat said...

I love it, too. And it does make a great labour song! Great idea.