Wednesday, June 29, 2011

June in Review

Heavenly Mother and Father help us inspire others, made the trees, are our "refuge and strength", hear and listen to our prayers, are whom we love and believe in, claim us theirs, know the end, give us visions, and call us blessed.

Like I mentioned earlier this month, Daughters of Mormonism did two podcasts on Finding the Divine Feminine (part 1) (part 2). There was also another episode about Symbols of the Divine Feminine.

I also came across this collection of references to Heavenly Mother in Church manuals and publications from 1971-2002, that was gathered this past April. Take a look-through!

At Like Unto Eve this month, there was a post about fasting together for more knowledge about our Heavenly Mother. I think this is a wonderful idea- don't forget that Fast Sunday is coming up!

Where else have you seen Heavenly Mother mentioned this month?

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