Sunday, June 5, 2011

Help Me Teach With Inspiration

After a week off, this blog is back! Today's hymn was chosen because I was looking at the list of hymn titles and this one resonated with me. Next week, we will be combining the two sunbeam classes and I'll be the only regular sunbeam teacher, so any help I can get will be wonderful. I will probably not be completely by myself every week, but I won't have the luxury of knowing that if I'm sick or out of town, my co-teacher will take over for me.

I changed "Lord" to "Gods", and "Father" to "Parents" and used gender-neutral language for the friend in verse 2.

Help me teach with inspiration;
Grant this blessing, Gods, I pray.
Help me lift a soul’s ambition
To a higher, nobler way.

Help me reach a friend in darkness;
Help me guide them thru the night.
Help me show thy path to glory
By the Spirit’s holy light.

Fill my mind with understanding;
Tune my voice to echo thine.
Touch my hand with gentle friendship;
Warm my heart with love divine.

Help me find thy lambs who wander;
Help me bring them to thy keep.
Teach me, Gods, to be a shepherd;
Parents, help me feed thy sheep.

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