Monday, May 30, 2011

May in Review

We are grateful to our Heavenly Parents, who deliver us, hear our prayers, love the children, do wonders and works, and are God and Goddess of the living, know our hearts, grant us authority, and we know them through Christ.

This has been quite the month for Heavenly Mother on the Internet! In fact, for Mother's Day, Joanna Brooks asked, "Is Heavenly Mother Making a Comeback in Mormonism?" And in response, the Bloggernacle shouted, "Yes!"

There was a new BYU Studies article, A Mother There, which discusses the history of references to Heavenly Mother in the Church. I used quotes from it in my Mother's Day talk. It also spurred a Mormon Matters podcast, Heavenly Mother in Today's Mormonism and my own review.

There is a new podcast called Daughters of Mormonism and it has addressed the Heavenly Mother concept in a few podcasts: More Than Mothers, Not Perfect: Sara's Mother's Day Talk, and others.

Also, at Keepapitchinin, there was a post about the hymn "Our Mother in Heaven" and there's a link to an audio file where you can listen to it.

Let's get ready for June! I'm going to be out of Internet access for a few days, so this will be a slow week.

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