Sunday, July 31, 2011

July in Review

Our Heavenly Parents give us our bread, call us, guide us, gave their Son, grant us their Spirit in temples, care about our temporal salvation, "will never us forsake," lift us, have a place for us, and created everything.

Elsewhere in the Internet in July:
Finding the Feminine Divine at Mindful Serenity
Tresa Edmunds' God's Wife, the mysterious mother of Mormons at the Guardian.
Our Mother, the Creator at Feminist Mormon Housewives.
Like Unto Eve has a Mother Fast, asking for more revelation about Heavenly Mother. She has also blogged a little bit about her Heavenly Mother questions at I got so Angry Today, and How the LDS Church grew this Feminist
And a beautiful poem at Spiral Grove, Is her Glory So Unspeakable?

Have you seen Heavenly Mother mentioned this month? Share your links in the comments!

ETA: This link was shared on Facebook, "Our Mother Who Art in Heaven."

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