Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November in Review

We praise often, serve, give thanks many, many, many, many, many, many times our Heavenly Parents.

Elsewhere in the Internet this month,
Lynette at Zelophehad's Daughter's critiqued The Two Trees and mentions how Heavenly Mother plays in that.
Elisothel at fMh discussed the Feminine Evil and how that is connected to the Feminine Divine in "H" - "E" - "Double Hockeysticks" Part 3.
DefyGravity asks, "Is there Divinity without Motherhood?" at the Exponent II blog.
Jenni at Spiral Grove wrote If Heaven has a Speakerphone about prayer and Heavenly Mother and mentions Heavenly Mother in Everything is Holy Now.
Jena wrote about asking her  church leaders to ask for revelation about Heavenly Mother in As a Woman on Fire. Jena's Mother Fast was about overcoming patriarchy this month. Don't forget that the Mother Fast is the third Sunday of every month!
Rixa Freeze mentioned God the Mother in her interview, God Was My Midwife, at Layda-Birth.

We're now in Advent and coming up on a year for this blog! It's been exciting. I hope there will be many more years here. As always, feel free to send in guest posts. I've not been very good about writing articles or essays here lately. Maybe a new year will give me the push I need.

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