Friday, February 25, 2011

Doctrine and Covenants 50:34

Sorry no essay today; my writing skills are needed elsewhere at the moment. But I went on a search in the Doctrine Covenants for today's scripture and I really liked this one. I added "Goddess" and changed the various pronouns to be gender-inclusive. I actually made the pronouns and verbs plural to keep from needing to say "he or she" multiple times. In this modificiation "Them" with a capital "t" refers to our Heavenly Parents while "them" with a lower case "t" refers to mortal people.

34 All that receiveth of God and Goddess, let them account it of Goddess and God; and let them rejoice that they are accounted of Them worthy to receive.


cc said...

I just love that I can come here and count this as my scripture reading on crazy days! ;) Actually, you've really inspired me to start reading more regularly, and with fresh eyes too!

TopHat said...

cc- I actually read my scriptures more since starting this blog! It's been a great blessing.