Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mormon 9:19

Today I used "Gods" to mean both Heavenly Father and Mother. I'm not entirely happy with that in the same way that I don't like "man" to mean "person." Any suggestions? It might be worth the wordiness to write out "Goddess and God" instead of "Gods."

19 And if there were miracles wrought then, why have God and Goddess ceased to be Gods of miracles and yet be unchangeable Beings? And behold, I say unto you they changeth not; if so they would cease to be Gods; and they ceaseth not to be Gods, and are a Goddess and God of miracles.


Katrina said...

i like how you did this. i think it flows and works well while maintaining meaning.

Jenni said...

Perhaps "Deities" rather than "Gods"?

Hopeful said...

Perhaps Elohim?

TopHat said...

Thanks, Katrina.

Jenni- that might work, but it might be a little awkward for Mormons since "Deity" isn't in the standard Mormon vocabulary when speaking about God. Of course, we can get over that conditioning and get accustomed to new ways to talk about God. :)

Hopeful- That is a good idea, too, since it's plural. I wonder, though, if it's a lot like "God" since we think of "Elohim" to be God's name and usually only represents the male part of God. Hmm.

Thanks for the chance to ponder!