Friday, April 29, 2011

April in Review

Heavenly Father and Mother are with us when we worship, judge us, work in miracles, guard us, are known through Christ, save us, love us, are with the righteous, are glorified in Christ, sent their Son, and give us the bread of Christ.

Heavenly Mother on the Internet this month:

Heavenly Mother was mentioned quickly in Jessawhy's beautiful peace, Real Life Good Samaritans.

Not directly related to Heavenly Mother, but somewhat named for Her, is a new Mormon blog called Our Mother's Keeper. It's an LDS take on being stewards over the earth. We often think of "Mother" Nature and "Mother" Earth and I like to think we are referring to Heavenly Mother when we refer to Nature. Maybe some of you will enjoy that blog as it grows.

I didn't see many other references to Heavenly Mother this month, but if you know of some, please share the links in the comments. As we get into May and Americans start talking about Mother's Day, perhaps we'll get a few more for next month.

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