Friday, December 31, 2010

December in Review

Because I know there is some confusion about the purpose of the blog, I'm going to start doing "Months in Review." As I have said, this blog is to help us include our Heavenly Mother in our thoughts. Previous to writing this blog, Heavenly Mother was this nice concept, but I didn't really associate a role or purpose to Her, other than to exist. Then one day I had the epiphany that She really is exalted and really is a powerful, awesome Being; I had just never attributed real god-like traits to Her. How narrow-minded of me! Of course she is powerful, of course she is strong, of course She is everything that God is. So I started reading the scriptures and starting thinking about how the things we read about the Father can be applied to the Mother.

And that is purpose of this blog- to help us to think about Heavenly Mother more often and in god-like terms and purposes- not just as a nebulous idea of "Yeah... she's there... doing something..."

What I have really enjoyed, and what is alluded to in the title of this blog, is idea of our heavenly parents working together as partners. Now, when I think of "God" in the scriptures, my mind doesn't think only of a single man, but of a team including Heavenly Mother.

So December in review:

Heavenly Mother and Father lovedeliver, bless, claim, are praised bygrant wisdom, request the service of, sustain, command, guidegave their Son to us.

Heavenly Mother in the Bloggernacle and across the Internet this month:

Corktree wrote The female half of God? at the Exponent II blog
Brad wrote God The Wife at By Common Consent
fMhLisa, in a post Mary, Divine Motherhood, and Mormonism, added some thoughts about how we think of Heavenly Mother at Feminist Mormon Housewives.
Joanna Brooks wrote, "Adios, Divine Mother"

This past month was just a starting month and I hope to expand on the types of posts here. In January, look for a book review and a couple of personal essays.


cc said...

Thanks for the mention. I'm excited to see where this concept goes and how you grow it.

Mama Ayla said...

The blog is great! I'm having a great time reading it. I especially love this monthly wrap up :)